1 The Tip Top Polka(trad), Thomas Teissier             
   Corrall's, See the Swan pipe solo
2 The Thorn pipe trio
3 I Only Want to be with You (Raymonde/Hawker),
   Flaxen Lass of Allways pipe and harp
4 Captain Bergar's Slow Revenge pipe duet
5 Night Star, Mariette's Jacket band
6 The Cambo Question. pipe trio
7 Ma Chère Célestine pipe & fiddle
8 The First of April (trad) pipe trio
9 The Obvious Daughter. duet
10 The Leicestershire Lowlanders band

   11 The Saunt. pipe & mandolin
12 Shepherds Hey (trad) double pipe solo
13 Some of Pete's Biscuits, Mine, Weak Euphonium
     Love Bump band
14 The Bonny Braes of Elcho. pipe duet
15 The Pipers Wedding (trad), The Washbasin,
     The Bridal Path (Elspeth Smellie) pipe & harp
16 Pat's Fancy duet
17 Cyrilleanne Mariage band


Julian Goodacre, bagpipe maker, player and English piping pioneer, has selected some of his pipes & some of his friends to create a rich and varied collection of some of his tunes.

 Accompanied by instruments as varied as harp, melodeon, fiddle and  sousaphone, and  always with Julian's unique pipes in the centre, the results are uplifting, gorgeous and  fun.

A 74 minute celebration of English bagpipes playing English music!

PRICE GBP £10.00


JULIAN GOODACRE, English Great pipe, Leicestershire smallpipe, Cornish double pipes, triangle & drum, John Hegley- Mandolin, Dick Hensold-  English Great pipe, Ben Ivitsky- trombone, Stevie Lawrence- Bouzouki, guitar & percussion, Mark  Nixon- Melodeon,  Alex NixonHurdy Gurdy, Matt Seattle- border pipes, Elspeth Smellie- harp, Pete StewartFiddle & Sousaphone, Helena Torpy- Fiddle, Chris Walshaw- English Great pipe

This CD is over 74 minutes long and features 24 Pipe tunes- seventeen of which are original compositions by Julian.

The wait has been worth it!.... a cavalcade of pipers...Friends who play melodeon, harp, fiddle.. and even a sousaphone! …the presence of Julian Goodacre manages to fuse this all together into a most enjoyable listen.

Chris Metherell. EFDSS winter 09

Not only has Julian re-created many of the old English bagpipes, he has also produced melodies and arrangements which suit the instruments.. ….his own music, on pipes of his own construction - pipes turned largely in wood from trees which he knew personally.

Jim Gilchrist. The Scotsman

He does make good tunes, not complex, but with a way of getting into your head. Other CD's may boast more virtuoso playing, but many don't convey so much sheer pleasure.

Richard York. Northumbrian Pipers' Society Magazine

Guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the listener. As the sleeve notes rightly say... 'Another celebration of English bagpipes playing English music! uplifting, gorgeous & fun'.

Jeannie Cambell. Piping Times

Your latest album reminds me of why music is the center of my life.

Laura MacKenzie. Piper, St Paul, MN USA