• 1 The Rogue's March
  • 2 The Rochdale Coconut Dance
  • 3 Whitwell Walz
  • 4 Monck's March
  • 5 Castle Creavie
  • 6 The Trip to Highgate/Captain Lemo's Quick March
  • 7 The Blue-eyed Stranger
  • 8 The Winster Gallop/The Rakes of Mallow/The Tannerman
  • 9 Enrico

  • 10 The Quaker's Wife
  • 11 The Pipemaker's Call
  • 12 Black Jack
  • 13 Michael Turner's Waltz
  • 14 The Star Melody
  • 15 The Queen of Hearts
  • 16 Over the Hills and Far Away/ My Wife
  • 17 Black Jack/Young Collins
  • 18 The Haymakers Jig/The Spirit of the Dance
  • 19 The Rogue's march Out


My first solo CD, which features piping solos, duets, a trio, and a quintet as well as me playing along with various other instruments. Mostly English dance music. All the tunes in this CD can be found in the three Toodle-Oodle tune books.
PRICE: GBP £10.00  + p&p


 The English Bagpipe revival has been underway for about 20 years; Julian Goodacre has been a pioneer throughout that time developing and playing an exciting range of pipes. His enthusiastic championing of the English bagpipe and its music has been an inspiration to many. As a player he is best known as one third of the English Bagpipe trio The Goodacre Brothers. On this CD Julian releases himself from the confines of the rarefied atmosphere of The Goodacre Brothers' three-part harmony, and revels in a variety of approaches, recording for the first time the kinds of piping he has been playing for dancing over the past twenty years. He has brought together eleven friends, all experienced English Dance musicians, playing between them sixteen different instruments including six varieties of bagpipes in a host of combinations from solo to a seven piece band.

The bagpipes were once the instrument for dancing in the English Countryside. Increasing urbanisation led to them falling into disfavour until by the 18th Century they were regarded solely as an instrument of the North. A wealth of old English Dance tunes has survived for over two centuries without having been played on the pipes. With this groundbreaking recording, Julian's infectious enjoyment and humour breathe new life into these old tunes; this is a celebration of English dance music with pipes once more at the centre.