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Compiled by Pete Stewart


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"Does more than any previous tune book to search for and find the core of the English bagpipe tradition" (William Marshall)

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The Lowland Bagpipe and its Music

:3 Early 18th Century collections in ABC format

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Pete Stewart has been playing traditional dance music for over thirty years and has been piping for fifteen of them. The fruits of his playing and researching English piping are contained in this long awaited collection. The book combines literary descriptions, pictorial and sculptural representations and an historical commentary with 70 tunes from across 8 centuries, many unavailable in print elsewhere, to present a vivid picture of a more or less forgotten aspect of English musical life, as well as offering a unique repertoire to today’s players.

This publication is an important contribution to the reclamation of piping traditions and should be in every piper’s instrument case.

“Bagpipes were a feature of the English scene for many centuries and Pete Stewart has done a grand job of collecting, editing and playing the music of this neglected tradition.”
(Roderick Cannon, author of ‘The Highland Bagpipe and its Music” and “A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music”)

Early 15th Century illustration to a manuscript edition of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales showing the Miller with his bagpipe:
"..one of the best, most plausible contributions yet to the enigma of what our English piping forbears actually played"
William Marshall, editor, Chanter, Journal of the Bagpipe Society, Summer, 2002
'A baggepype wel coude he blowe and sowne,
And therwithal he broghte us out of towne"
Geoffrey Chaucer, c.1390

"..for its music, the historical information, and the illustrations, it is a book I am delighted to have in my collection"
Jock Agnew, editor, Common Stock, Journal of the Lowland and Border Pipers' Society, June 2002


In the current edition of Robin With the Bagpipe, on page 28 I said that The Duke of York's Short Troop was not included in 'the Sussex Tune Book'. Thanks to Barry Callaghan for pointing out that, of course, it was.